American Funday on 13\10\2019


🌟 It’s more fun when you’re not the only one having it 🌟

👩‍🎨Special thanks to Art Team🎨 :-
Ms.Hind Salem
Ms.Marwa Elmwafy
Ms.Nada Gamal
Ms.Nada Soliman
Ms.Huda Kamal
👲Special thanks to PE Team :-
Mr. Ahmed Hussien
Mr.Mohamed Abd Elgawad
Mr.Ahmed Seraya
Mr.Mohamed Abd Elwaheed
Mr.Ahmed Balegh
Ms.Amira Elsayed
Ms.Dana Magdy
👷‍♂️Special thanks to supervision Team:-
Mr.Elsayed Ahmed
Mr.Ahmed Mahmoud Ali
Ms.Maryam Abdelrahman
Ms.Hager Elprens
Ms.Maha Nseem
Ms.Reham Mohamed
👷‍♂️Special thanks To Stages Coordinators:-
Mr.Ahmed Yousry
Mr.Ahmed wagdy
Mr.Mohamed Elshal
🎷Special thanks To Music Team🎸 :-
Mr.Mena Aziz
Mr.Mark George
Mr.George Shawky
Ms.Hala Ahmed
👷‍♂️Special Thanks To Activities Coordinator Mr. Eslam Gohar

🌟And as usual Special Thanks to Our Talented Photographer Soliman Hatem Samra