Areas of Study in the American school:

1- English Language

2- English Literature

3- Math

4- Science (Biology- Chemistry- Physics)

5- Computer studies

6- French

7- Social Studies

8- Art

9- Economics

10- Business Studies

11- Arabic

12- Religion

13- Physical Education

N.B. Subjects are chosen according to each grade level.

  • Score Forum GPA = 40%

40% of the total score is given by the school in accordance with the following:

1- Regular attendance.

2- Quizzes

3- Quarter tests.

4- Participation in activities, projects and research work.

5- Behavior and sticking to school uniform.

6- Homework and stationery

 60% from ( SAT I ) Exams : ( English/ reading , writing and Maths )

  • Candidates sit for (SAT I) exams 12 times, 6 in grade 11 and 6 in grade 12. Minimum score required is 1440 out of 2400 (60%) to join government universities.
  • When students apply to join universities the highest score is chosen. This allows students to improve their score every time they sit for SAT.

If a student scores ( 1500 ) in SAT I , he/she enjoys a bonus of 15% to encourage students to improve their scores , To join faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Engineering students need to pass SAT II exams (Advanced Mathematics, Advanced Biology or Physics) with a minimum score of 1100 out of 1600 which gives the student a bonus of 15% to be added to the total score.

N.B. Candidates achieving a minimum score of 1200 in SAT I are apt to apply to private universities.

N.B. Students of Gr. 10 tend to sit for a SAT exam in May or June as a trial to get used to the exam format and timing.