Mansoura College is keen to offer a variety of disciplines that encourage self-expression, creativity and mastery of basic skills required for higher education. Currently, Mansoura college offers the American Diploma (Middle and High School – Gr 7 – Gr 12). Meanwhile, necessary measures are being effected to introduce the American system from KG to Grade 12 to help produce well- rounded, educated citizens who are apt to contribute to the general well-being of the society as they are totally aware of their self-worth and self-esteem.

MC is committed to teaching national syllabi set by the Ministry of Education and abiding by its calendar and schedule of events. Special care and attention are given to social and physical activities to fully develop students’ personalities. This includes shows, plays and field trips.


Mansoura College American School main strategy involves:

1- Adopting curricula that emphasize a broad foundation and depth of knowledge in various areas of study.

2- Encouraging students to develop their cognitive skills innovation, communication and scientific skills.

3- Developing a sense of citizenship and commitment to ethics and social values.

4- Encouraging teamwork and respecting the other.

5- Involving students in decision making and taking up responsibility.

6- Realizing the importance of Information Technology and the need to master it in a rapidly developing world.

7- Stressing the fact that all students have equal academic opportunities.

8- Promoting awareness of the environment and acquainting students with global environmental problems.