Examination Department

Examination Department

  1. American High school students sit for two standardized tests: EST – ACT

  2. Each is broken into two sections: English – Math

  3. These tests are meant to show colleges how prepared the students are for college by measuring key skills like reading comprehension, computational ability, and clarity of expression

  4. The examination department of the American School is responsible for registering EST/ACT tests for students starting from creating the students’ online accounts and ending with authenticating their scores to be sent to colleges and universities.

  5. Based on each student score, the counselling Department recommends the fields of study and the undergraduate programs which are convenient for each student.

  6. The Counselling office assists students who seek overseas education in college.

  7. The office provides students with updated list of colleges offering scholarships and helps them to apply and earn the appropriate scholarship that suits their intended field of higher education.